Join Camarata

The Camarata  ‘Chorale’ is an amateur choir that is open to all participants.  The only requirements are the ability to sing in tune, availability at rehearsal/concert times, and the ability to work and prepare hard.  Upon the first rehearsal, the music director, Dr. Ryan Goessl, will briefly listen to you sing, so he can place you correctly within the choir.  Rehearsals are from 4:00-7:00 PM on Sunday afternoons.

The Camarata ‘Chamber Singers’ is an auditioned mixed choir of twenty-seven singers.  The choir does auditions every year at the end of December/early January, and the commitment is for one year.  Auditions requirements are the preparation of two songs that show off the abilities and musicianship of your voice, along with sight-singing and range checking.  You may sing one or both of your prepared songs.  One song will be one that is assigned to all auditionees.  Successful auditionees are expected to have evenings for Monday rehearsals from 7:00-10:00 PM.  Concerts are generally on weekends, but are occasionally on weekday evenings (usually Thursday or Friday), so the availability of evenings is important.  Once a year, the choir may be asked to perform for a VIP function, and the choir will be notified with months of notice in order to secure availability.

The Camarata ‘Orchestra’ is a semi-professional orchestra that occasionally performs alongside the ‘Chorale’, and ‘Chamber Singers’.  Availability in the orchestra depends on the concert that is being performed.  All members of the orchestra must pass an audition, where they prepare one song that shows their ability.  Sight-Reading is also a strong component of the audition.  Rehearsals are primarily on the weekends.

The Camarata Children’s Choir is open to all children from ages 7-15 years old.  They perform 2 concerts per year (1 each session) alongside smaller performances as guests to other concerts, hospitals, etc.  A basic command of English is required, as all rehearsals are in English.  The focus is on providing an atmosphere for children to learn about and appreciate music in a fun, friendly atmosphere.  Rehearsals are from 10:30-12:30 on Saturday mornings.  Please email for more information.