Camarata Children’s Choir 
The Camarata Children’s Choir is pleased to announce registration for its autumn session!  Rehearsals begin at the end of August, and run through the middle of December.  Please email for more information!

The Camarata Children’s Choir provides a music performance outlet for English speaking children in the greater-Seoul area. The children’s choir meets weekly for rehearsals on Saturday mornings, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, and are taught the value and importance of music and the arts while learning to read music, singing repertoire and incorporating movement and dance into the music. The choir boasts approximately 40 singers from many different nationalities, and all rehearsals are in English.

Although one large choir, the choir breaks off into two separate choirs for most of the rehearsals.  The younger choir is from ages 5-8, with the older choir being 9-14.  This further enhances the learning process, allowing us to adhere to the learning styles and habits of children of similar ages.

Directions to rehearsal venue: Exit #2 of Hangangjin station is currently closed for construction. Simply exit out Exit #3 and turn around and walk in the opposite direction back toward Blue Square. Cross the pedestrian bridge over the road, and go down the right hand side. The International Lutheran Church is at the bottom of the stairs.

International Lutheran Church
726-39 Hannamdong
Seoul, Korea 04417


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